Patient/Resident Abuse

Author: Dr. Cliff Roperez, Licensed Nurse, Infection Preventionist,  Director of Staff Learning and Development, and Doctor of Business – Leadership        

Course Created: August 2021                                Duration:           2 Hours

Course Format: Video, course’ text material, case study, student interaction on the course forum

Course Audit:     Passing score of 75% (with 25 test items) to get the credits and certificate. 

Course Summary:

The elderly who live in residential settings that offer long-term supportive services are at particular risk for abuse and neglect. Many are either unable to report abuse or neglect or fearful that such reporting may lead to retaliation or otherwise negatively affect their lives. In this course, the nurse assistant will be equipped with the necessary information on the resident’s right to a safe environment and that abuse are prevented

Learning Objectives

  1. Define key terminologies used in this module 
  2. Identify and discuss the different types of elder abuse 
  3. Discuss the issues related to elder abuse
  4. Explain the Nurse Assistant role in preventing elder abuse 
  5. Describe the Nurse Assistant role in reporting elder abuse
  6. Post answer in the forum on the case study to the course forum

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