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CNA Classes should cover the 17 modules of Theory and concepts requiered in the CNA Program. Sufficient studying and reviewing of the content will make the students more confident in taking the exams. The sample CNA Practice Test Online Free are gathered from the 17 modules in the NATP. You may use these in helping you to be familiar with the questions that might be asked during the exams. The question items here have four (4) choices. The correct answers are provided with brief explanation. This CNA Practice test online is free and maybe shared with other students. Enjoy and Goodluck!

CNA Practice Test Online Free (With answers and explanations)

CNA Classes at CAL ACE Nursing Academy finish after about 3 weeks or 8 weeks. Graduates will then be ready to take the State Exams from Red Cross or NRTC 

Northern Regional Testing Center

The following texts are mirrored exactly from the website: https://missioncollege.edu/depts/regional-testing/

About the Center

The Northern Regional Testing Center was established for the purpose of assisting students with completing their educational goals of becoming certified as a nursing assistant. The testing center collaborates with your educational facility, professional testing companies, and certifying boards to provide access to required certifying exams.

The Northern Regional Testing Center is hosted at Mission College through the Health Workforce Regional Center. 

NRTC Nurse Assistant Certification Examination

If you are enrolled in a CNA training program or equivalency program and wish to take the NATAP test upon completing the required hours, please follow the steps provided in the following information (click on teal colored links for more detailed information)”.

CNA Classes or Students should follow the steps below in registering their exam schedules.

How to register for the Nurse Assistant Certification exam:

1. Complete Nurse Assistant Certification Exam Registration Application.

  • Registration Application (fillable and printable pdf version if using internet explorer or safari)
  • Please remember to sign the registration application
  • Please send a copy of your 283B form or your 932 form along with your registration application.
  • Please do NOT send your application and fees via UPS or FedEx or with a signed receipt request as this will result in a delay of processing your application. The college does not directly accept mail via these methods and forwards the mail to the district warehouse for processing which may cause delays up to 10-14 days.

2. Testing Fees (NO credit card, cash, or personal check)

  • Both Manual and Written Test —————–$120
  • Manual Skills Test Only —————————$80
  • Written Test Only ———————————-$40 
  • Oral Written Test (additional fee) ————– $55
  • Rescheduling fee per test:
    • Written test rescheduling fee ————–$25
    • Skills test rescheduling fee ————–$25
  • money order or cashier’s check is accepted for fee payment. Please make the money order or cashier’s check payable to Northern Regional Testing Center. No personal checks or cash will be accepted.
  • The first time you test, you must schedule both the written and skills examinations
  •  Once your registration application is processed there are no refunds.

3. List your requested examination date and test site on application. (Please note: dates and locations are found by clicking the following links to the calendars)

  • Examination Locations (revised 06/21/22)
  • Examination Dates (revised 6/21/22)
  • Registration is based upon “first come, first served” availability and the calendar does reflect when the testing sites are full 
  • Nursing Assistant Training Program/School Scheduling Policy
  • Please note: Examination Calendar will be revised on a monthly basis

4. Mail completed Registration Application and testing fee to:

Northern Regional Testing Center
Mission College
3000 Mission College Blvd., MS 19
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: (408)855-5203
Fax: (408)855-5213

* Please review your registration application before mailing. Incomplete applications or applications without appropriate fees will not be processed and will be returned by US mail. Registration materials are processed upon receipt therefore there are no refunds.

All applications must be received three weeks or 15 working business days prior to the requested testing date. 

Please do not send your application and fees via overnight mail or UPS or FedEx or with a signed receipt request as this will result in a delay of processing your application.

The college does not directly accept mail via these methods and forwards the mail to the district warehouse for processing which may cause delays up to 10-14 days.

Confirmation emails are not required for admission to testing. As a courtesy, confirmation of your testing date will be emailed to the email address that you provided once your application has been processed. 

If you did not provide an email, confirmation will be confirmed by phone or a phone message will be left on the phone number you provided. If we have any questions about your application, the NRTC staff will call you and/or email you.

If we are not able to reach you by phone or email, your application packet will be returned to you by mail.

What to Bring on Testing Day
  • Non-laminated social security card (Note: copies of your social security card are not accepted)
  • Current government-approved photo identification (driver’s license, CA ID, or passport)
  • Original CDPH 283B form or your CDPH 932 form with you on the day of the examination.
  • Water and a lunch as there are no facilities nearby to purchase
  • Additional restrictions due to COVID-19
    • Face covering or mask
    • Self addressed stamped envelope
    • Proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test.

If you fail to bring any of the items listed above on the day of testing, you may not take the examination. You will be required to reschedule your examination.

The name on your photo identification must be the same name that is on your social security card. If the names do not match, you will not be able to take the examination.

The NRTC is the processing center all CNA certificates will be issued by the CDPH 30-90 days after exam. You may go to the CDPH verification link in order to check your status.

Rescheduling Policy

You will need to reschedule your exam if you fail to bring the required documents and identification for testing or you are unable to attend your scheduled examination. 

Missed exams will need to be rescheduled and will be required to pay a $25 rescheduling fee per test.

  • A new registration application must be submitted along with the $25 rescheduling fee per test and other support documents.
  • Rescheduling an examination is allowed once.
  • If an examination is missed a second time, the fee required is the same as the initial application for testing.
  • Effective February 1, 2022 candidates exposed to COVID-19 will not be rescheduled at no cost and will be required to pay the rescheduling fee. Candidates who have COVID and provide documented proof of COVID-19 illness may be eligible to reschedule at no cost.

 If you applied to take the test and paid the required fees, but did not bring the required documents for testing or you missed the exam, your testing fees will NOT be refunded as registration materials are processed upon receipt.

Practice Exams and Useful Links

Other Testing Vendors

Credentia, formerly Pearson Vue, is the testing vcendor for the NRTC. If you are unable to schedule a testing date through the NRTC, you may schedule a test with the following vendors: 

D&S Diversified Technologies (D&SDT)-Headmaster, LLP


Nurse Assistant Program Directors and Instructors
  • To order California Nurse Assistant Handbooks please place orders directly on the following website after creating an account at https://getcredentia.comgraphics.com/.
  • To order the state-wide California Nurse Assistant curriculum email ntrc@missioncollege.edu.
  • If you are a new program director, email the NRTC to request your school quarterly exam report.

California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

Please note that the CDPH Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVRU) is an automated phone number (916)327-2445, which accommodates a heavy volume of calls. You may leave a voicemail with the message center at (916)552-8811. 

Email questions or comments to cna@cdph.ca.gov , please include your CNA/HHA/CHT number (if applicable). You may FAX information to the CNA/HHA Certification Unit, FAX (916)552-8785.

Website: www.cdph.ca.gov.

Please continue to check the All facilities letters for updates. Suspension of Specified Regulatory Requirements for Nurse Assistant Training Programs (NATPs): Please read AFL-20-40.