About the CNA School (CNA Class)

Technology Requirement: Hardware

CNA class: Technology Requirement: Software

Required Hours to Pass: 160 Hours (29 Days Total including Make up Classes)

Course Fees: $1,798 (Includes BLS Certification, ID, Uniform & Digital Book)

Financial Assistance Available


Optional Tools

Coursework and Module Practice Tests

Course Titles: 17 Core Modules + 1 Elective Module

Training Program Length: 7 Weeks

Location of the Program


Other Requirements

Description : This cna class online maybe attended in person at the skills lab at Milpitas school. Certified Nurses Assistant or CNA discusses the key modules of the program such Role and Responsibilities of Nursing Assistant, Residents Rights, Communication and Interpersonal skills, Prevention and Management of Catastrophe and Unusual Occurrences, Body Mechanics, Medical and Surgical Asepsis, Weights and Measures, Patient Care Skills, Patient Care Procedures, Vital Signs, Nutrition, Emergency Procedures, Long Term Care Patients, Rehabilitative Nursing, Observation and Charting, and Death and Dying. Completion of this program also prepares the student to take the competency examination, which qualifies the candidate for the State (California) certification as a Nurse Assistant to become CNA. As for the Program Requirements/Admissions: Must be at least 16 years old; Complete admissions process; Pass the entrance exam with 70% or better. Must be able to have an English and Math skills at the 5th grade level or higher; Complete an enrollment and financial agreement; Must possess a current valid Photo ID and Social Security Card or ITIN Number; Must pass a TB screening performed by physician; Must completed live scan/fingerprinting criminal background screening; The school reserves the right to reject student if the items listed above are not successfully met. Total Program Length is 21 days or 31 days

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