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Our CNA School offers CNA classes online with 6-week CNA program expanding from Santa Clara, Alameda, up to San Mateo County. New clinical sites opened in your area.
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About the CNA School (CNA Class)

Technology Requirement: Hardware

CNA class: Technology Requirement: Software

Required Hours to Pass: 160 Hours (29 Days Total including Make up Classes)

Course Fees: $1,798 (Includes BLS Certification, ID, Uniform & Digital Book)

Financial Assistance Available


Optional Tools

Coursework and Module Practice Tests

Course Titles: 17 Core Modules + 1 Elective Module

Training Program Length: 8 Weeks

Location of the Program


Other Requirements

CNA classes

If you are interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant, we should be able to help you. This article covers whatever you need to find out about CNA courses, CNA accreditation, CNA training, or CNA program. It also provides details on several of the best CNA programs and CNA institutions. Whether you’re simply getting going or currently enlisted in the CNA classes, this post is for you.

You need to learn about the CNA programs that area universities and trade schools usually use. Cna classes generally last six weeks and include classroom guidelines and medical training. In the CNA classes, you will certainly learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, patient treatment, clinical terms, and various other vital topics. You can also get functional experience in various environments such as medical facilities, nursing residences, and centers.

cna program

After completing the CNA training course, you should take the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam. This test is handled by the National Nursing Council (NCSBN). To get approved for the CNA examination, you should have completed a qualified CNA classes and a high school diploma or comparable certification. After passing the CNA exam, you will certainly be formally licensed and prepared to function as a nursing aide.

There are various CNA programs as well as CNA institutions nationwide. So how do you decide the one that fits you best? Well, it depends upon your objectives and objectives. If you wish to become a licensed nursing assistant as soon as possible, consider enlisting in the Accelerated CNA program. These programs generally last about four weeks and include classroom guidelines and scientific training. Nonetheless, if you are not quickly thinking about certification, you can constantly take a CNA program in your local community or occupation college.

Nursing assistant

Despite which can program you to select, you require to complete a specific scientific time
Consultation time is important because it allows the individual to work with them and gain hands-on experience in the clinical field. After finishing the CNA course and appointment hours, you are qualified to take the CNA examination and be certified.

This is all you require to know about CNA classes, CNA certifications, and CNA training. I wish you find this post beneficial. If you have any kind inquiries, please get in touch with Cal Ace Nursing Academy. We are below to help!

cna classes
cna classes

Cal Ace Nursing Academy is one of the leading CNA colleges in the nation. We offer CNA courses, CNA certification, CNA training, and much more. We plan to provide students with the knowledge and abilities to do well in the medical field. Contact us today to learn more regarding our CNA classes and exactly how we can aid you in reaching your goals! Thank you for reviewing!

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CNA Courses, CNA Programs, and CNA Certifications: Everything You Need to Know “

CNA program

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If you want a signed-up nurse assistant, You’re in the ideal place! This post defines every little thing you need to know about CNA training courses, CNA accreditation, CNA training, and various other CNA schools in the Bay Area. Whether you’re getting started or currently signed up in the CNA program, this article is for you.

CNA classes

You require to know about the CNA training courses that area universities and professional schools generally use. Cna programs usually last about six weeks and consist of class guidelines and clinical training. In the CNA course, you will learn more about the composition and physiology of the human body, personal treatment, medical terminology, and various other important topics. You can additionally obtain sensible experience.

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